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Cardiovascular Regeneration

Thrombocytes and vessels – variable relations

It is possible to repair damaged cardiovascular system vessels with external stem and progenitor cells if they remain at the desired location. Thrombocytes have a key role in the process known as "homing". (more<)

The cardiac surgeons "dream" transplants that grow with their carrier

Children that have had blood vessel and cardiac valve transplants need to have to undergo further follow-on operations because current transplants are unable to grow along with the children. There is therefore a great deal of expectation resting on tissue engineering; regenerative physicians and cardiac surgeons at the University Hospital in Tübingen hope to develop replacement tissue that is capable of growing along with transplant patients. (more<)

Bacteria as the basis for new regenerative therapies

Medical microbiologists do not just investigate germs in order to combat them. Now scientists are working on putting infection mechanisms to the use of regenerative medicine. (more<

Blood - a key resource for regenerative medicine

Transfusion medicine plays a huge part at the University Hospital of Tübingen (UKT) – a special institute was established with a specific research focus on the application and use of blood in regenerative medicine. (more<)