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Lectures and Seminars

The members of the zrm are all involved in training and continuing education for clinicians and scientists. Special lectures and seminars are offered for students (see below). The spectrum of courses offered in the area of regeneration biology, tissue engineering, and regenerative therapies is continually growing and evolving. Interdisciplinary courses such as the lecture series "Aspects of regenerative biology and medicine" are open to all interested listeners.

The zrm actively participates in the development and execution of new courses of study on regeneration biology topics: CenTrial GmbH, the Center for Clinical Trials at the University Hospitals Tübingen and Ulm (www.centrial.de<) joined with the Danube University Krems (www.donau-uni.ac.at<) to set up the Master of Science program "Clinical Research."

Lecture cycle "Aspects of Regenerative Biology and Medicine"
(Lecture / Prof. Kohler, Prof. Aicher)
Invited speakers speak on current topics, trends and developments in the regeneration of cells and tissues. The cycle focuses on the therapeutic application of regenerative methods.

Past lectures (in german):

Ringvorlesung SS 2009<
Ringvorlesung SS 2008<
Ringvorlesung WS 2007/08<
Ringvorlesung SS 2007<
Ringvorlesung WS 2006/07<
Ringvorlesung SS 2006<
Ringvorlesung WS 2005/06<
Ringvorlesung SS 2005<