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The Center for Regenerative Biology and Medicine zrm is a joint facility of the University Hospital Tübingen and the School of Medicine of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen. The center supports projects in the fields of regeneration biology and regenerative medicine from basic research to clinical application.

The zrm develops and coordinates courses and seminars and offers a wide spectrum of services to its partners in the Regenerative Medicine network, ranging from consulting and assistance with projects to access to human cell and tissue banks.

Information, communication, networking - the zrm sees itself as a mediator and clearinghouse for regeneration biology and regenerative medicine activities in Tübingen. By coordinating and bundling Tübingen's excellence in research and clinical application the zrm pursues the goal of putting Tübingen at the international forefront of regeneration biology and regenerative medicine.

Tübingen has all the prequisites to take a leading role, with a top-notch community of scientists that has been working on regenerative concepts and projects for years. The region is also home to a powerful, dynamic constellation of businesses working in close cooperation with academic partners.

A survey of the activities and plans of the zrm can be found here<.